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Crayta General

Welcome to our Crayta forum everyone! Please say hello and start up some discussions.

Crayta Requests

One of our main goals with Crayta is that the game will be driven by you, the players and creators! That’s why this category exists, so that you can submit requests for things that YOU want to see added to Crayta. Note that many of these requests were moved over from our old feature request board.

Bug Reports

Please use this section to list bugs or issues that you come across with:

Game Releases

Use this category to post your games when you publish them!

Package Guides

Use this category to write up guides, tutorials, or tips and tricks for working with individual packages.

Patch Notes

Check out the patch notes for all of Crayta’s updates since our initial launch!


Put discussions in here that don’t fit in the other categories

Crayta Experimental

Please use this section to report bugs and issues found in the Experimental Tier on Epic Games Store ONLY!