3rd-person Action Camera is making me feel sick (Fixed)

Alright, I’m guessing I’m in the minority here, and I apologize to those who really love the new camera mechanics but I’ve got a confession: I find the new 3rd-person action camera to be nearly unplayable.

** Please bear with me while I try to put this into words.

I currently have to play with the zoomed-out camera in the Live version, to compensate for the default field-of-view (90°). The drawback to playing zoomed out like this is how much the camera has to change distance to keep the player in view. (aka camera collision) (ie. when your back is against a wall, your camera should be with the player, not on the other side of the wall)

So the camera changes distance from the player to keep the player in view; this is a very common practice and a good solution. There is however the weirdness that arises when the camera changes distance from the player and then I go to turn. When this happens (put simply) my brain does not expect the camera to move the way it does and it’s like it’s giving me motion sickness or something (I say ‘or something’ because I’ve never gotten motion sickness - even in VR).

I’m really not qualified to explain what causes this dizzying effect but I’ll take a shot

1. The camera covers a consistent distance as you look around because it stays a fixed distance from the “player”. The moment the camera moves in to avoid collision, it is going to start covering a smaller distance as the user looks around (proportional to the distance from the “player”)

2. The “player” is not actually the center of rotation. We actually rotate around a center that is some distance to the right of the player’s head. And (I could be wrong here, but) it seems that distance actually changes as the camera moves in closer to the player, which makes the camera move less intuitively at closer distances.

3. This is unique to the Experimental build. The camera snaps forward to handle camera collision as usual, but rather than snapping back (when it has room) it slowly eases back to the standard distance. Not only does this increase the amount of time the camera is moving at a different speed, but during this phase where the camera is moving back into its default distance, it feels very unnatural to look around, as the camera is covering distance that is both proportional to the change in direction and the current (steadily increasing) distance from the “player”.

As a side note, sprinting also causes the camera to move in, which (in my personal opinion) doesn’t mesh well with parkour-style games. This contrasts camera systems like assassin’s creed which actually increase following distance slightly when running, by sort of giving the player a head start - very smooth.

Again, this could just be me. But if there are others that are having a similar experience, I would really appreciate the ability to turn off this new camera effect :slightly_smiling_face::pray: pretty please

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UPDATE: As of today’s PTR, the action camera is so much easier on the eyes!

Thank you Unit 2!!!