A list of features that would make creating art in crayta amazing

I am used to a lot of different UGC platforms and more advanced stuff.
Here is a list of everything I would love to see in Crayta wich would empower Crayta to compete with the other big names out there. (artwise)

  • Ability to rescale props (also only a certain axis)
  • Categories for the props, current prop menu is a mess. Please use categories like: nature, urban, sci fi, fantasy so we can find things easier.
  • Let us change the material of props
  • Let us adjust materials/voxels (specular, brightness, color, metallic, opacity)
  • Better voxel tools to create art like in “magicvoxel” (heightmaps, voxel size etc.)
  • Post process that is not global (box volume)
  • More skyboxes or more possibilities to adjust those

I guess there is a lot more but this should be a good start :smiley:

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