A SHAPE to help dress up the character in the player tab

VERY difficult to place an object on the Player’s back for example.

will be good to have a "player shader " to help people to place (position/rotation) an item on the character,

in fact actually , it looks like a mirror, we don’t know where the character’s head or feet are.

I would recommend not attenpting to “give” the player anything via the template game view. The best and simplist way to do this is in scripts. To do so spawn the entity (or get its reference in the world) then use then do entity:AttachTo(CharacterReference, SocketName) where the character reference is a reference to the player entity and socket name is a string with the socket name ( a pinned comment in Lua help on discord has this list of names). As for position offset and rotation this is done qhen you spawn the item in via the script as the Spawn() function takes position and rotation as inputs. Admittingly yes a view of the player would be nice its still relatively straight forward, but to figure out the exact placements you currently need to go into play mode to see the results, or you could set up an NPC template and give it the script that has the attaching and then tick simulate in the properties tab.

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TY for this tip! :heart: