Ability to list team members

Crayta is a collaborative creation platform, meaning two or more people will often work together on a game before publishing it. However, the game must be created by someone, and that person is the “owner” - their username is shown on the game card. If they want to credit the other team members, they need to add their names in the description.

The suggestion is that someone could use the create-side game details to add “team members” for their game. This would show all of the team members on the game card, e.g. “Crayta Cooking by Russ and Adam”, allowing you to easily credit all collaborators.

As an extension to this, the recommended rail and “more by this user” could take into account all of the creators of games you like, rather than just the owner. Team members could also potentially be given publishing permissions for the game, so they can update without the owner being on. Additionally, it could allow all team members to share the prize fund winnings more easily (although this isn’t as straightforward as splitting between all members evenly, as a team may agree that some members did more work than others etc.)

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