Ability to run Crayta on a Mac via virtual machine or natively (not via FB Gaming)

I use a Macbook (M1 running on the ARM chipset) and previously I had the option of running on Stadia or Facebook Gaming. With the end of Stadia I’m now limited to Facebook Gaming which is good for some purposes but the resolution, etc. is not good for coding.

I cannot install Crayta via Epic Games Store on the Mac. One solution I tried was by using ‘Parallels’ (a virtual machine) but the ‘anticheat’ app part of Epic Games Store won’t allow you to run on a virtual machine.

I know there is an argument that you need a ‘proper gaming laptop’ but the Macbook should be sufficient for what I want to do most of the time (writing Lua code). Other apps are installable on Mac via the Epic Games Store and other apps also allow running on Epic Games Store via Parallels.

Thanks for your consideration!