Able to crash crayta if you double click f5 quickly while printing to the log in test most

  1. Load into any game with a script running
  2. In a loop print out some data, in my case 3 bools, I have 3 prints statements
  3. Enter test mode (f5)
  4. Bring up the output window (o)
  5. while the window is being printed to
  6. click f5 twice is quick succession, the game may crash

Repro rate appears to be about 1/4,
While testing I seem to be able to get the issue more if I leave a tiny gap between presses, so have 2 presses close to each other instead of a double click.

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I shall investigate, thank you for the feedback!

Quick update, appears the double click is not needed, i have just seen the issue by doing a single press of f5

The more i bump into this i think it may be related to me having called SetVoxel() but the voxel not having appear in the world before i press f5,