About the Crayta Requests category

Welcome to the Crayta Requests category!

One of our main goals with Crayta is that the game will be driven by you, the players and creators! That’s why this category exists, so that you can submit requests for things that YOU want to see added to Crayta. Note that many of these requests were moved over from our old feature request board.

How to use this category:

  • Search for any requests here that you’d like to vote on - you can vote by liking the request.
  • Requests with more votes have a greater chance of being added into Crayta.
  • Remember that other factors will be considered when adding features and content to Crayta, such as the complexity and suitability of features for the game, or how useful certain features might be to different types of users.

How to add a request:

  • First, thing about which sub-category it belongs in.
    – Use Feature Requests for any features you think would be good to add to Crayta (the game itself). These can be for the any aspect of Crayta, including the game editor. For example, “The ability to make a game session private”, or “A Lua function to play an emote on a character”.
    – Use Art Requests for anything art-related you’d like to see in the game. This includes meshes, voxel types, effects, animations and cosmetics such as outfits or hairstyles. For example, “Archery meshes and animations - bow, arrow, quiver, fire animation”.
    – Use Audio Requests for anything audio-related, including music tracks, ambient tracks and sound effects. For example, “Bow and arrow draw, fire, impact and reload sounds”.
    – Use Other for any requests that don’t fit into the categories above.
  • Search the key words of your topic to make sure it’s not already been requested.
  • Make sure your title is concise and clearly shows what your request is, for example, “Allow users to import their own meshes into their games”.
  • Write a description that clarifies what your request is and why you think it should be included in Crayta. For example, “It would be good if Crayta allowed users to create their own meshes in third-party tools, and then import these into the game, because this would games to include a greater variety of original art content.”
  • Make sure to add any relevant tags to your topic, so that other users can easily find it!