The current sendXPEvent, Activity, and Challenge APIs all mimic Achievements, over a smaller time scale.

I’m proposing we expand that to cover long-term achievements as well. For example:

an acitivity might be picking up 1 gold ore.
A challenge in a similar vein would be picking up 10 gold ore.
An achievement would be picking up 100/250/500 gold ore (Or maybe all 3, in a tiered fashion?) in their life-time, across all plays.

I think this system would have to be supported by an official menu UI for the game, similar to to leaderboards and challenges, so a player could track their progress through a game’s achievements, and also their progress towards a specific achievement.

If the achievement is tiered, they could see what tier they’re on.

It would also be cool to expose lua API hooks for when a user completes an achievement/tier, so we could award them for various things in game.

For example, we could award a player with a hat after they finish the “Collect 500 gold” achievement.

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