Adaptive Interaction

An easy to use, all-in-one entity interaction script that adapts to your every need!

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I’ve included two dependencies as they are not as widely known:

  • SF_Crayta → Sitting and Lie Down
  • AdamO → Screen Fade

To take full advantage of Adaptive Interaction, it is recommended that you also have the following Crayta packages installed:

  • Health
  • Prompts
  • Notifications
  • Auto-Respawn

Getting Started

  • Search for Adaptive Interaction in the community tab

  • Click Install

  • Drag and drop the AdaptiveInteraction_Examples template into the game and examine

  • The example template includes a couple of unique examples as well as basic starting points for commonly interactable entities


Entity Interaction is one of the best ways to bring life to your game – But it can become quite cumbersome as a single interaction could require many, many separate packages and scripts that then have to be wired up to function cohesively. Adaptive Interaction can do all of these things and more, inside a single script.


Adaptive Interaction v 1.1

  • Updated AdaptiveInteraction_Examples template to include some more unique examples. Updated examples include:

    • Cage Trap
    • Coin Pusher
    • Bounce chair
    • Morphing Balloon
    • Treasure Chest
    • Teleporter
    • Bed
    • Door
  • Changed ‘spawnItem’ to ‘spawnObject’ to be used for the dual purpose of spawning random objects as well as objects that can be picked up by players

    • Added ‘physicsDelay’ property to be used with ‘spawnWithPhysics’ when spawning an object
  • Added ‘swapMesh’ property to be used for swapping meshes upon interaction

    • randomizeMeshToSwapWith
      • meshesToSwapWith
    • meshToSwapWith
    • swapBackToOriginal
    • swapDelay
  • Added additional property to ‘hideAfterInteraction’ named ‘hideChildren’ to vary between changing the visibility/collision of parent only or parent and children

  • Added ‘launchPlayer’ property to be used for launching the player

    • launchVelocity
  • Added ‘randomizeGiveTemplate’ property to be used for randomizing the item template that is given to the player upon interaction

    • giveTemplates
  • Renamed ‘oneShot’ property to ‘static’ for playing the same sound upon every interaction

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