Add Animals, more trees, natural sounds

As a naturalist, this engine has so much potential to make projects that give people a fresh dose of immersion . However, it is difficult to do so, if there ain’t animals such as different birds, younger/older tree types and that kind of things (Example: The oak tree is enormous. If only 2 more oak trees would be added, it will make it perfect).

Birds like the Gray Heron with a simple idle animation, lurking for fishes, might add more immersion to the games. The House Sparrow making those tiny jumps or another idle animation, the Great Tit jumping on a branch…

Trees and rocks make the difference between a simple landscape and a well dessigned one. Whereas trees in this engine have small, medium and large sizes, species such as the oak tree or the birch only have 1 variation, only changing leaves’ color. Making birches that been cutted out by coal workers and have that distinguishable form, younger oak trees, rotten trunk ones…There are a lot of things that can be implemented. Fungi as polypore mushrooms, or the famous fly agaric could add that immersion we wanted too.

Finally, there are many cool sounds that can be used for the projects (I specially love the Tawny Owl’s one for the wood nights). However, despite of this, there are lots of diverse sounds over there, at the nighttime or the daytime. Adding more bird sounds will give you the feeling you’re in different places (dove sounds fot cities, sparrows, nightjars’ sound on the night…).