Advanced Input (Daigoro)

Hi, i released an “Advanced Input” package, enabling listening for UINav buttons (stuff like arrow keys, escape, F1, left thumbstick, etc etc).

UINav-buttons will call the lua function OnUIInput(button),
LocalOnButtonPressed will call the lua function UIOnButtonPressed(button),
LocalOnButtonReleased will call the lua function UIOnButtonReleased(button).

This package also captures user input while having widgets enabled that use a cursor!

Edt.: Also enables capturing the scroll wheel


could the directions be expanded some?

  • provide example screenshots?
  • the defaults put the script and widget on the user, is this always true?
  • could one put the scripts on the player like the inventory script does?
  • The script itself is just an example, you don’t need it, but if you don’t use it, you’d need to use the function inside it in another script.
  • You can put it on the user or on the player. You just need that widget, it calls the functions that are in the script on any other script on that entity (player/user) too, so the script itself isn’t necessary as long as you have that function somewhere else.
  • Yes. If you put it on player and user, then scripts attached to the user and script attached to the player will call these functions.

Regarding point 1, I am not sure what kind of screenshot i should post. Do you mean posting the widget/script code or a screenshot of a user/player entity that has that script attached to it?

just a suggestion

  • probably not needed
  • if there would be a screenshot, one of the user/player entity
  • shows an example starting point
  • the discussion above should provide enough light too
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