Advanced Skybox

Advanced Skybox

Advanced Skybox brings 30 new templates to replace the stock horizons. Advanced Skybox replaces Simple Skybox Package and is fully functional in basic and advanced mode. Skyboxes make experiences feel larger than they are by adding to the atmosphere, such as simulating deep space.

How to use Advanced skybox

  1. Find Advanced Skybox from the Community-tab.

  2. Place SkyboxEmitter on your terrain.

  3. Select a skybox under the skyboxTemplate property.

  4. Simulate the locator to view the skybox in the editor.


  • skyboxTemplate - Select a template from the dropdown menu to load in a custom skybox.

  • opacity - How opaque the image is, bring the opacity down to let world settings through the skybox.

  • customLocator (Only available in advanced mode) - Select a custom locator to project the skybox on.

Skybox Templates

Watch Advanced Skybox on Youtube.

Cartoon | Day

Cartoon | Night

Clouds | Above

Clouds | Day

Clouds | Heaven

Clouds | Heavy Rain

Clouds | Night Moon

Clouds | Pink Sunrise

Clouds | Pink Sunset Light

Clouds | Pink Sunset

Clouds | Sunset

Fantasy | Cotton Clouds

Fantasy | Two Suns

Fantasy | Watercolor Day

Fantasy | Watercolor Sunset

Gradient | Twilight

Gradient | Violet

Horizon| Sunrise

Horizon| Sunset

Orbit | Clouds

Orbit | World

Planet | Pink Galaxy

Planet | Two Moons

Space | Deepspace

Space | Starfield

Space | Supernova Green

Space | Supernova Red

Other | Grid

Other | Sandstorm


These are visually stunning Iceland… Amazing package

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