Advanced Treasure Hunter Pack

This pack includes enough elements to make a treasure hunt game, but it is versatile enough to be able to use only some of its parts.

Items included are:

  • A dynamic and configurable UI that, like a compass, indicates the sites marked as treasures. The addition / removal of spots can be done at the beginning or during the game
  • A HUD replicates the UI described above, but in 3D space.
  • 5 Items compatible with Crayta’s inventory that represent handheld detectors. You can configure the pack, so that the UI/HUD is shown, only when you have one of these
  • A guiding sound/effect that changes pitch as the player approaches the treasure
  • 10 cute system-compatible landmarks to add directly to your games

To make it more comprehensive and show the content of the pack in a more comfortable way, we have launched this showcase:


  1. Look for the package in ‘Community Packages’ inside Crayta editor
  2. Install
  3. Drag TS_UITablet_UserFolder and Drop on User Template
  4. Drag TS_UITablet_PlayerHUD and Drop on Player Template
  5. Add a prompt to make players know, which key has been binded to toggle the UI/HUD detector (‘R’, extra1 by default)
  6. Drag and Drop as number of landmarks as you want on terrain (can be added later and system will recognize them)
  7. Option: Add detectors to be picked by players (works with Crayta inventory)
  8. Tick ‘Need Special Item’ in user tablet options template

We made a video where you can check the whole process on a new project:


All options have a tooltip included to describe their function.


  • Show Vfx: If true, a blinking effect will be played on player if is inside near trigger
  • Show Sfx: If true and no special object, a sound sill be played (pitch changed , distance based) when player is near (inside near trigger)
  • DebugPrint: If true, extra information will be displayed on log
  • Sfx near: loop sound asset when inside near trigger
  • Sound rate: Time in seconds to check distance (for sound)
  • Vfx near: Effect asset to blink in player if selected option
  • Offset Vfx: Offset position for Vfx near
  • Vfx found: Local effect asset(only player can see) to be played if player finds the treasure
  • Sfx found: Local sound asset (only player can see) to be played if player finds the treasure
  • Blink on Detect: If true, the effect will blink on player
  • Show distance: If true, distance in meters will be show on compass
  • Need special Item: If true, you will need to pickup a detector (included in package) to the UI/HUD be visible. Same with blinking sound.


  • Will be Destroyed: If true, the treasure will be destroyed when picked
  • Time Avaliable Again: If true , when player picks the treasure this is unavaliable again until this seconds past
  • Show Visual Mark: A simple image widget will be shown in exact treasure position
  • Debugprint: If true extra information will be displayed on log
  • Vfx Found: Visual effect asset to show (all players) when player finds treasure. If blank, no effect
  • Sfx Found: Sound effect asset to be played (all players) when player finds treasure. If blank, no effect
  • Treasure found: This event is sent when player finds the treasure


  • The script includes a table where players who find the treasure won’t be able to do it again
  • Any problem , doubt or suggestion please dm Rosey or Covrita
  • Special Thanks to Cereal for Compass package
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