Adventure Land II


Inspired by “Adventure Land (Stream)”

Features beyond the Adventure Gamer Starter Blueprint

  • InventoryView support for multiple currencies
  • Trigger Boxes with interact for easier targeting of small entities
  • Loot System with Chests
  • Smash crates, log trees, mine rocks for resources
  • Interact Prompt displayed on all interactable entities
  • Melee Accessibility
    • Interact button (controller users) for attacking
    • Primary button also works to interact with hitable entities

The sections below, in brief, describe additional items added to
the Adventure Game Starter blueprint.

World Tab / Time of Day / Time of Day Script

  • default settings for worldLightScript
  • adjust as desired


  • if currencies left blank, none will be displayed
  • made the field a container array to support multiple templates
  • displayed in the order entered


  • Not setup
  • Left up to the creator to customize


  • recommend duplicating templates to add additional like ones
  • recommend using the naming convention below

Naming Convention

Currecy Coins - needs to be a mesh with trigger like resource
Currecy Gems - needs to be a mesh with trigger like resource
Loot Chest - onInteract to open - drops loot
Loot Crate - onDamage from any weapon to break - chance to drop
Loot Mine - onDamage from pick - drops ore
Loot Tree - onDamage from axe - drops log
Resource Apple
Resource Log
Resource Ore
Weapon Axe
Weapon Pick

Additional and Modified Scripts

  • worldLightScript
  • timeOfDayScript

Additional Packages

Installed beyond the base Adventure Starter Game package list.
Some packages are further explained on the crayta forums pages.

Notifications (crayta)

Initial use for displaying entering trigger area.
BaseCamp Notification is the example trigger box.

  • User Notifications (template)
  • notificationScript
  • notificationWidget
  • shoutWidget

Axe (crayta)

A package with a default Axe and script for attacking.

  • Axe (template)
  • meleeScript

Interact Prompt

Used for displayig a prompt over the center of an interactable entity.
Gets text from GetPromptInteract(prompts) function.

  • Player Interact Prompt (template)
  • playerInteractScript
  • playerInteractWidget

Open Close, Animation, and Events

A simple open/close script based on the crayta door package for doors, chests, etc.
Features animation time, and events for opening and closing.
Includes two scripts for sounds and effects, and event schedule script.

  • openCloseScript
  • playSoundScript
  • playEventScript
  • eventScheduleScript

Loot One

A loot script to generate one item with additional scripts,
to support the destruction and wobbling of entities,
interact message prompt, and a modified pickupSpawner.

  • Loot Chest (template): Requires “Open Close with Events” package dependencies
  • Loot Crate (template): uses all attached scripts. Inspired from Andy’s Smash Crate.
  • Resource Gems (template): a default loot item for the Loot templates.
  • lootScript (generate loot OnInteract or OnHit or OnDestroyed, etc.)
  • interactMsgScript (needed for those where on interact needs text for prompt interact)
  • hitableScript (modified from AdamO adventure elements package)
  • wobbleScript (copied from AdamO adventure elements package)
  • pickupSpawnerScript (modified from inventory package)
    • OnInteract and OnCollision are both able to be selected or not
    • Equip on Pickup option added to not equip Apples, etc. on pickup

Melee Accessibility

An addon script to weapons, assigning an additional button to attack.
Includes a trigger box script for easier interacting to destroy.

  • Loot Tree (template): Requires “Basic Loot” and “Axe” package dependencies.
  • meleeAccessibilityScript
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