Adventure Levelling up System

I think Crayta would benefit from a leveling up system to make a great Adventure game. I’m thinking of a system similar to what The Legend Of Zelda; breathe of the wild uses. In that game, every time you complete a level you get awarded an orb. Orbs are currency that’s used to spend to increase your abilities. Every 4 orbs let’s you increase either:

I would like it if the package could include the following:

What the currency in your game is:

What abilities you can increase in your game

How much currency it costs to increase each ability.

The max level that each ability can reach.

A basic UI for this process

The following ability increases:
On the player:
Speed multiplier
Jump height multiplier
Max mantle height
Maximum amount of possible Health (From the health package)
Maximum amount of possible Stamina (From the stamina package)

On the mellee weapon:
weapon damage increase

On the gun package:
Gun damage increase

Any increases made should be saved in the user save script so that gains carry on between play sessions.

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