Adventure Portal Blueprint

The Adventure Blueprint with a twist!

This terrain is split, so players must use portals to travel between resources and the shop. Portals can include a cost, which means that if the player uses the portal their currency is reduced by that amount.

Setup Guide:
The blueprint works out of the box. The main addition is the portal, which can be combined with currency and resource collection for a deeper game mechanic.

Adding A New Portal
Select the portal Template from the Library and place it in the game.

Setting The Portal Destination
Each portal hosts a PortalJumpScript which has a Destination property. The Destination is expecting an entity of type Locator.

Change the Destination property to the Locator you want to send the player to when they enter the portal.

Making A Portal Free
Portals can be made free by clearing the Currency property of the PortalJumpScript.

Changing The Portal Cost
To change the cost of a portal, or to make a free portal require currency, add a Currency template to the Currency property on the PortalJumpScript.
Add an amount of this currency to charge in the Cost property.

You will need to update the widget on the portal separately.
Find the widget as a child of the portal in Signpost → Sign → CostWidget

Change the Icon Asset property by dragging a Mesh from the Library onto this property.
Change the Cost to reflect the cost of the portal.