After Dark City

The land that never sleeps, welcome to After Dark City… a high quality living city with 15 unique futuristic buildings each on their own modular 100x100 voxel mesh tile. These can be arranged any way you want, and with 6 forest & river tiles plus 4 Road tiles makes this package absolutely perfect for a quick start for any game or just to make your game look beautiful and take it to the next level. Built by Rosey for the Build Jam 08-22.

Here is the showcase game - Crayta

After Dark City Blueprint is available so you can remix this as well. Packed with awesome looking Ui and a fully animated world with many NPCs going about their daily lives.

Buildings included;

1 Hotel

2 Casino

3 Pawn Shop

4 Energy Station

5 Codes Incorporated

6 Motel

7 Food Market

8 The Park
9 Bungee Jumper

10 Codes Incorporated Factory

11 Burji Khalifa

12 Cinema

13 5 Star Hotel

14 Offices

15 Hologram Projector

How to install;

1 - Simply find ‘After Dark City’ from the community tab and click install.

2 - Create your own city by simply by dragging and dropping any of the tile templates into your world any way you want. All tiles have their own living NPCs giving them life but NPCs are also under a locator called ‘City NPCs’ here you will find all the NPCs that wonder Round in the showcase game not just single tiles.

PLEASE NOTE; Required packages…

  • Mighty Animations - Mightykho
  • Simple Image - AdamO_Crayta
  • Door - Crayta
  • State Switcher - AdamO_Crayta
  • Move - AdamO_Crayta