Airlock Template Package

This is a template with Airlock, door, actiontrigger, and progressbar scripts.

The template is included to see a working airlock for underwater.

Howto use from scratch:

  • Create two doors

    • attach the door script
    • set the startState for each door
  • Create a trigger on one door/hatch

    • attach actionTriggerScript
    • attach airlockCycleScript
    • copy to other door/hatch after configured and adjust for locator
  • actionTriggerScript

    • set actionPress to the airlockCycleScript
    • set buttonToPress to interact (or whatever you like)
    • set promptMessage to Cycle Airlock (or whatever you like)
  • hatch progressBar Script

    • set a locator on each door
    • uncheck visible (it will toggle on when script runs) or change as desired.
    • place progressBarUiScript on locator
    • place progressBarUI widget on locator
      • set Quality to medium
      • set size to 200 x 300 or whatever works best for said project
    • see Progress Bar package write-up for more info (if desired)
  • airlockCycleScript (hatch is a navy term)

    • set hatchA to the first door entity (drag and drop or dig through menu)
    • set harchB to the second door entity
    • set opening and closing sounds as desired
    • set buffer sound if the sound needs to start before the door animation
    • set hatchDelay before flooding compartment
    • set floodEnable to actually flood the compartment (uncheck if no flooding)
    • set floodEntity to the voxelMesh to move into the compartment
    • set cycleProgressBar to the locator for the door/hatch
    • set cycleTime to whatever time in seconds to move the voxelMesh
    • set cycleVector the distance to move object (x, y, z) (z is up and down)
    • set cycleSound to play while moving voxelMesh (a loop is best)
    • set mode
      • if you know what you are doing.
      • see moveAndRotate Package / Tutorial for further info.

It is commented for future me to look at and see what did what.


  • use as is
  • use a guide to make a double door lever or trigger
  • use as a space port hatch for cargo bays
  • etc.