ALETHEIA: Defenders of Tomorrow

Become a defender of the truth against Atemporals who try to obscure the timeline. The more you survive the more the world will progress. The future of our city depends on you!



  • Play with up to 4 players against an unbelievable wave of enemies.
  • Before each wave you can prepare yourself by placing traps on the road that will damage or stop the enemies.
  • During the waves you can keep setting traps and you can also use your own weapons to shoot the enemies.
  • Enemies will do damage if you approach them but their goal is to reach the core, you lose if your life reaches 0.

  • W, A, S and D for the movement
  • Left Click to shoot and Right Click to aim
  • R to reload and Spacebar to jump
  • C to crouch Left Shift to sprint
  • 1 - 8 to change your weapons or traps
  • Left Click with a trap to use in the map
  • E to begin the wave

You can use a large arsenal of weapons and traps to prevent enemies from approaching and protect the city.


Especially good for medium distances, high fire rate and ammo capacities.


Sniper capable of dealing heavy damage to a single target at long range.


Short-range shotgun, more effective when the enemies are near.


Applies Acid status: Inflicts 50 damage per second and slows its target 30% for 5 seconds. Cost 200
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Applies Electric status: Paralyzes its target for 3 seconds and inflicts 200 damage. Cost 300
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Applies Ice status: Slow down its target 70% for 5 seconds. Cost 150
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Hits its target 100 damage for second. Cost 100
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  •                                 SYL GAMES
  •                            AsTiger - Game Designer 
  •                            Denior - Environment Artist
  •                            Hisokan - Level Designer 
  •                            Raidani - UI Designer 
  •                            Unairf - Lua master