Alien Conspiracy Build Jam is live!

The Alien Conspiracy Build Jam is LIVE!

Summary from this mornings stream here: Twitch


Submission deadline : Monday 24th May 12:00 BST
Voting: Will take place in game via a new “Build Jam Hub” that we’ll share more details on soon
Voting open: Shortly after submission deadline
Results: Announced at the end of next week

Submissions are made on the forum as a PACKAGE GUIDE with the ac-build-jam tag!. This post should include…
- Game name / share link for where the package example is
- Contributors who made the package
- Package name
- Description
- Category (see below)

Package Guides link here → Package Guides - Crayta

Example submission → Example Build Jam Post

There are two categories for submissions
- Script based package: A package that primarily includes script logic with some art assets where required
- Art based package: A package the primarily includes art creations with some script assets where required

These two categories will be voted on in separate pools (i.e. there will be winners within each category)

If you have any questions then drop them in the #build-jam channel on Discord (