Alien Conspiracy Diner Kit

This is an art package made by Ed during the stream which you can find here:

It is a great way to quickly put together a diner scene with different options for table sets.


  1. Go to the community tab and search “U2G_StreamDiner”
  2. Install the package

Using the templates
To use this package you need to drag a booth or counter template into the world and then drag one of the relevant contents templates onto the table mesh. So for example you can drag dinerBoothA into the world, select the dinerTable1 mesh and drag any of the dinerTableContentsA, dinerTableContentsB, dinerTableContentsC onto it. This will place the items onto the table in the correct position.


There are several variations that can be made here. Any requests for more elements in this pack or other packs let us know either here or on Discord (