Allow switching over to other regions (NA -> EU, etc.)

Upon thinking of this idea, I’ve found AdamO has a similar thread but it is old and has no activity on it:(Allow joining servers in other regions)

It would be convenient if players could select a region to switch over to/play in.

Ideally, this would be a simple dropdown box with a list of available regions in the main menu on the ‘Home’ tab, so it is noticeable and easy to access for all.

Another idea is to be able to set a ‘Secondary’ region in the settings, with a toggle button or toggle keybind.

  • Convienant to have, an alternative to share links / groups with it’s own advantages

  • Players could temporarily switch regions if their home region is low on players (for example, if it is late at night or early in the morning in their home region)

  • Players could permenantly switch regions if their home region is inactive / low population count

Share links and groups

  • With region switching, one can participate (Feedback Friday / Playalong streams, etc.) without waiting for a share link to be posted, or without the worry of flooding the channel / chat asking for a share link when a new game is being previewed / played.

  • Groups are effective but there is still an initiative in starting the group and sending out invitations. One may want to explore a game a bit more in depth (at their own pace) before moving onto the next game (groups automatically bring all members with them when another game is entered by the leader), or one may disconnect and have to re - launch Crayta (removing them from the group).

In my specific use case, I would find it extremely valuable to have this option as I could fully participate during Feedback Friday (EU servers) with ease.

Feel free to ‘<3’ this post for support, or post your own unique use cases below!