ALPHA - Horror Update: Dark Circus event, new game mode & more!


I am pleased to announce the release of DARK ALPHA, a major update that includes:

  • Rumble - New game mode
  • Horror Event - Dark Circus theme
  • New weapons (30+)
  • Achievements
  • Daily challenges
  • New puzzles and Easter Eggs

What is Alpha?

Alpha is a third person shooter game where you have to face infinite hordes of enemies that chase you relentlessly. You can fight them by fighting or trying to escape the building, but if you fail you will end up locked in the police station jail for all eternity!

Click to play:

Creators: Verruckt & unairf


Where it says cool down the station you use the wand you get that by making the statues look at you it opens a secret wall. Then you use the wand to cool the fire places,to access the bacement you need to put the two skulls on the statue of the scales. One skull is in the vault, I beat it but didn’t don’t the key card.


Once you place both skulls something will happen and you’ll be able to pick up the basement key.