Alternative layout for the editor

I find myself slightly frustrated with the editor layout in advanced mode.

I find I don’t use the entities panel or the world tree panel very often, and spend a lot of my time looking at the game viewport, and the code editor. However, the panels I use the least take up ~25% of the screen or more.

I’d be interested in a slightly modified layout that reduces the space used by those panels.

Here’s a really crude mockup that shows what I mean.

The editor takes up a good 50% of the screen here, while the game port takes up most of the other half, with the remaining deadspace (since the viewport is 16:9) taken up by the other panels.

Personally, I use entities and world tree the most, if this was opt-in that would be cool.

Yeah. There’s a dropdown to select various layouts currently in the editor, allowing you to split the editor/world view horizontally or vertically for example.

I’d prefer this to be an additional option in that menu.

I’ve been thinking about this some more and I think a valid alterative would actually be a way to pop open this menu while in advanced mode:

That way you could keep some of the side bars closed unless you really needed it, in which case you could pop open that menu there without screwing up your layout by opening a side bar.