A'maz'ing Lounge v0.3

The idea of A’maz’ing Lounge started from… well, a maze. However I wanted more than that, I wanted to make this game unique in a way, and possibly with 2 purposes:

  • Provide a place for having a bit of a relaxed ‘do-nothing’ kind of
  • An actual game with that as well

As you join the lounge, you find yourself swimming, and the the dj playing music. There is bar (pretty empty in lack of more props, so no drinks, sorry!), and plenty seats (awaiting a /sit option!).


  • A large pool for swimming!
  • A bar for drinks
  • Lots of seating areas
  • DJ desk with interactive screens (change the music as you want)
  • And a more or less well hidden maze, that is randomly generated at run time

Although only in early days, it got enough attention and was already a featured game (thanks Crayta team!):

More images:

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