Ambience Audios

Ambience Audio

Every ambience audio should be a loop

  • Rainy Forest : A rain sound without thunder, but some sounds of rain hitting leaves.
  • Rainy Desert : A rain sound without thunder, but with a wind sound mixed to it.
  • Calm Rain : A rain sound without thunder.
  • Waterfall : A waterfall audio, more intense than river and more random, I guess.
  • Muffled Rain : A rain sound but muffled because of a heavy foliage like jungle trees.

To add an AMBIENCE sound, comment the post with the NAME and a DESCRIPTION.


Next upcoming pack for these. Please add any further suggestions here too.

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Hi !

Thank you for the considerations, here are some more ambience audi ideas* :

  • Creaky Mansion : A cold dark sound accompanied by creaking noises.
  • Icy Cave : A cold whistling wind with echoing water drops.
  • Burning Forest : A fire ambience with falling trees sounds. Howling animals can be optional.
  • Stinky Swamp : A deep wind surrounded by disgusting bubble sounds and geysers.
  • Moving Worms : A disgusting audio of moving worms, or spaghettis :joy:
  • Deep Submarine : An silent ambience with some water shocks, creaking metal and submarine bip
  • Underwater life : A deep water sound with singing whales, bubbles and swimming fishes around.
  • Primal Coast : A singing village with old drums and maracas.
  • Primal Beach : Same as above but with ocean waves.
  • Jurassic Era : Howling animals and growling beasts.
  • Surrounded Basement : A dark audio with hissing rats.