ArchDude17's Basic Bullet Package

A basic bullet package that works directly with the Gun package from Crayta.
Simply place the StandardBullet template into the projectileTemplate option on the gunScript owning entity. That’s it, now you will shoot a bullet from your gun instead of a raycast.

Read the README_bulletScript for the How To’s
This includes How To Use, and How To Modify.

Have Fun
Stay Cool

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This is brilliant, feels just like the default gun package but with a projectile. I’ve been asking people to build me something like this for ages, amazing stuff :heart:Thank you for making and releasing this.

Just been playing with this, it shoots players great. I’m trying to get it to destroy entity’s but that seems to work differently than the standard gun does. Any way of getting that part to work?

If so then I’d be all over this.

What kind of entities are you destroying? I tested this against voxel meshes and it was destroying them as the gun does normally but I didn’t test other meshes. The bulletScript doesn’t do any of the damaging itself but relies on the gun script to do it. Thanks for using the package and thank you for the feedback!

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Thanks for getting back so quickly, this is the script I normally use for destroying meshes and bringing them back at round end:

local Disapear = {}

-- Script properties are defined here
Disapear.Properties = {
	{name = "challengeValue", type = "string", },

--This function is called on the server when this entity is created
function Disapear:BallVanish(damage,player)
self:GetEntity().visible = false
self:GetEntity().collisionEnabled = false
player:GetUser():SendChallengeEvent("shot", { targetName = })

return Disapear

I tick on damage enabled, and I call that on script in the On Damage Event. That works for destroying meshes in the game.

How is the health of the mesh handled? Do you have your own health script on it? As well I notice in the BallVanish function that damage is an input but is unused inside the function, so how does the function compare the damage to the health? I know for the voxel destruction I needed to add the voxel health script to it for it to work.

For this script there is no health on the mesh, it’s just visible true or false. One shot and the mesh goes invisible.

It may be easier if you add me on Discord to talk about this if that’s okay?