Mega Game Jam Entry - Unfinished Business!
From: JonasBocek and MadMadju

Can you finish this 100-meter-tall tower without any checkpoints? Learn from your mistakes, adapt, and beat it.
If not this children’s playground will forever be stuck in the back of your head, taunting you forever and forever until you come back and beat it!

My vision:
I joined crayta few days ago before the Jam so I had to create something simple, challenging and fun. And make it as beautiful as I can.
For me I always want to come back to a great challenging game. The temptation to succeed is just too strong. So this is my idea of unfinished business, cause this seriously will take some time and strong will to be able to finish this game. And if you do there is now endless possibily for speedrunning.

In Game:
Beautiful custom UI with animations
Multiple leaderboards and player statistics
Oversized world
40 custom personalized lines + 50 more randomized quotes.
Timer for possible speedrunning