Art requests

Describe your art request here! Mention all aspects of it that you’d like to see included, which relate to art (mesh, voxels, effects, animations). If applicable, it would be useful to include reference images, GIFs or videos to help explain your request!

Opening windows.
Voxels that match the skyscraper building colours.
Single opening doors that can have no frame on the opening side so they can be used to make double doors.
Micro voxels as sometimes voxels are just too big.
Cloth voxels.
Paper mesh.
Random small mesh components that can be kitbashed into anything.
Single curtain meshes that can fit more windows.

Also if the lava voxel was available in blue it could be used to simulate a waterfall.

  • a larger aeroplane split into segments
  • clouds
  • fog/must that is seperate to the skybox or just some way of making some areas foggy
  • more bones
  • star trek style teleport effect
  • sci fi voxels like small flashing lights on a metal board
  • yellow brick road voxel
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