Artifacts Adrift (Mining Simulator) - MUSEUM UPDATE

Artifacts Adrift major update!

Dig up artifacts from different times and realities in the pit, and read about their history and lore in The Museum. Discover the mysteries of The Multiverse as you sell your findings to upgrade your tools to deep deeper into the unknown.


  • :classical_building: The Museum - artifacts you dig up and sell will be displayed here, a facility run by the Adrift Institute.
  • :pencil2: Massive amounts of writing - stories and lore are written for every artifact, connecting whole exhibits and weaving the tapestry of the Multiverse.
  • :speech_balloon: 99% translated! - we made a huge effort to ensure everything in the game is translated, allowing for a comfortable localised experience.
  • :art: Revamped UI - completely revamped UI for better readability and experience
  • :pick: Reworked tools - revamped the tools, so they should feel much stronger, the higher level it is!

Iโ€™ve been slowly trickling out updates to try and ensure save data doesnโ€™t get overriden, and so folks can play the gradually improved experience whilst we work on the main part: the Museum!

Thanks to a special museum curator for helping to write and edit, @Maggie!