✅ Artifacts or weird dots on screen when playing or editing after todays update 2021-02-16

the dots appear in random places on the screen.
here are two screeenshots:

they appear on two different clients using chromebook and chromebroswer. i did not try it on the CCU. after closing all my clients and reopening on the CCU. the artifacts did not appear.

i haven’t seen this for a few days.

Hey sinjin,

Thank you for your bug report.

I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to reproduce your issue.
Is there any additional information you could provide (such as what settings/filters/effects were in use) that could assist me in tracking down this bug?

i haven’t either. it was an anomaly on that day.
if it persisted and i didn’t report it, there’d be no starting point to track things down.

this bug can be closed. thanks.

Thank you for your quick reply,

I will log the issue with our internal team incase we encounter it in the future - please let us know if you encounter this again so we may attempt to get it sorted out for you.