Assign weapons to each team script and Giving weapons to teams with different player templates

So a couple of months back, I added a couple of packages into Crayta that were made for me by Ekelrock. I’ve had a few people asking how to use them so here’s a detailed write up.

Both of these packages rely on the default packages used in shooting games, so you’ll need the default games like capture the flag or elimation deathmatch. Other wise you’ll need to manually add those packages.

Assign Weapons to each team script

So this package is by far the easiest to use of the two, if you want to keep the player properties for each each team exactly the same, but give each team different guns then use this one. It just includes one script. Just replace the default team script (User/Game/Team) with the Team script in the package. Then drag the weapons you want into the right bit. Red gun is one team, Blue gun the other team (Ignore the Green Gun):

Giving weapons to teams with different player templates

This package is for giving different guns to different teams, but will also work when you want the player properties to be different for each team. So think of something like Crayta Chase where you might want to have different camera angles depending on what team you’re on.

Firstly duplicate your player templates, then rename. You’ll need a Player_Lobby, and something like Player_Hunter & Player_Hider.
Now add a new folder on each and put the correct ‘Player_’ script in (Just like the 3 pictures below) You can then drag in the weapon templates you need:

Then you need to add a locator somewhere in your world. Call it something like Assign Team, add the Assign Template script to it, and drag the correct player templates where you need them.

Finally, you need to call the script at lobby start in your game:

Any questions, hit me up on Discord.


gracias for this package

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