Attacher Tool

This package came from the need to correctly place the objects attached to the player or npc’s. So I added a simple interface and a showcase and this is the result :grin:

How to install:

  1. Look for package name: “Attacher tool” in Community Tab
  2. Install
  3. Look for ‘Attacher Tool World’ template and drag and drop to world
  4. Look for ‘AttacherTool_UserFolder’ folder and put under USER template

How to Use:

  • You can use the test NPC or yourself as a model. To do this, you have two options: either use the graphical interface and select Player/NPC or simply Interact with the Showroom (Attacher Tool World template).

  • To show or hide the graphical interface, by default, it is binded ‘extra2’ key

  • To add templates to test, go to ‘_WorldToolAttacher’ folder on attacher tool in the world and click on ‘+’ button. Then select the desired template.

  • Select a socket from the dropdown menu ‘Socket’ by clicking on arrow button (as in the Crayta editor) (By default, head socket is selected)

  • Select a template to spawn from the dropdown menu ’ Template to Attach

  • To adjust rotation and position values:

            1. Click on multiplier button (x0.1   x1   x10) (By default is x1 activated)
            2. Click on desired rotation or vector axis to be changed 
            3. Click on + , - or Reset to adjust values
  • Attached object will rotate or move as you click on buttons. Remember to annotate those values when object would be on desired position and/or rotation

  • To delete all spawned objects click on ‘Delete All’ button

  • Switch camera view with ‘Toggle Cam’ button


  • For best results, the structure of any attached object should be: All visuals inside a locator (I use to call it ‘Visual Art’) and this locator inside other locator (the root of the overall object). Take a look for the picture:

  • IMPORTANT: The final step should modify the ‘Visual Art’ locator position and rotation, with the values from Tool , thus, when the object is attached to the socket that we want, it will do so with its correct rotation and position.

  • Remember: Disable objects collision from attached template or your player/NPC will fly away!

  • Remember: This is a creator tool, so only should be used on the creation process of attached templates. I didn’t try it in multiplayer mode :sweat_smile:


  • Add camera movement while tool activated

  • Add support to attach to any entity

Any question, comment or feedback: Silva#2625 :alien: