Auto-save script files when previewing

Crayta is a cloud-based game creation tool, so all changes are automatically saved to the cloud, and the creator doesn’t have to worry about saving regularly. However, script and widget files are not automatically saved at regular time intervals like the rest of the game - this is because they could potentially be in a broken state if you’re partway through editing them, and the game shouldn’t save them in this state.

The suggestion here to handle this is that script files should be saved when the game is previewed. On previewing, it could be safe to assume that you’re done working on the script file, since everyone in the editor joins the preview with you. At this point, it should be possible to save the script. This would make the workflow of editing a script quicker and easier, as you can make the edit and jump into preview without wondering if you remembered to save it.

Votes on original board: 11