Aztec Ambush!

Aztec Ambush! v1.0

Aztec Ambush! is yet another collaborative game between Czinczar and LittleCreator. In Aztec Ambush, one player becomes the Killer and must activate the traps while other players become Survivors and must run through the vicious traps and reach the door at the other end! Every game is different because traps are not always placed in the same spot but are randomly placed! There is also a dangerous moving wall that pushes Survivors forward!

More traps to come!

Post here any suggestions you have or bug report!

How to play:

Killers have to interact with those pedestals in order to activate the traps:

Survivors must beware the moving wall that gives them no choice but to move forward:

All traps are randomly placed, but the last trap is always the same and is the most vicious of them all: the Killer can choose to trap 2 doors but only 2, so it leaves you a 50/50 chance to save yourself as a Survivor!

Finally, Survivors must reach this door at the other end: