Balloon Typhoon: Lava Dash - Game Release

Hello everyone! I have launched a game called Balloon Typhoon: Lava Dash, which you can play here - it’s a Team Capture The Flag but you travel in hot air balloons. I had a lot of fun making the game, and hope that you enjoy playing it.

This game is part of a series of tutorials (part 1 here: that are focused on gathering feedback and finding bugs and then using that information to improve your game. It’s a great way to improve your game dev / design skills. WIht that in mind, let me know if you have any thoughts, or encounter any bugs, and send me screenshots of anything exciting that happens.

Here is the description of the game for context:

Welcome to Balloon Typhoon: Lava Dash! Capture the flag, in balloons.

Navigate to the other side of Skull Mountain to capture the flag of the other team. Watch out! Bumping into the opposite team will make you drop the flag.


a few things:

  • the fog and environment (post processing) provided a nice feel to the theme or genre of the game world.
  • no hints as to what button did what
  • fell to my death when the game switched to the next round as i wasn’t at the controller
  • lava geysers would be a nice touch.
  • ropes or other items which require players to fly through a web vice just go over the rocks
  • challenges:
    • capture the flag
    • pickup the flag
    • take no damage and pickup the flag
    • take no damage and capture the flag (might be tough)
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Hey Andy –

Just gave the game a quick try and overall I think the hot air balloon mechanic is super cool. Unfortunately I was alone for the few rounds I played so I can’t comment on the multiplayer aspect but I figured I’d still drop some feedback here while it’s fresh in my mind:

  • I didn’t realize clicking the mouse (or trackpad in my case) would move me forward so I spent the first minute just bobbing up and down
  • I don’t think crashing into the pillars did any damage but that might be a nice touch
  • Similarly, having a ceiling might be nice to stop people from just floating up endlessly
  • There’s a weird glitchiness when you hit the floor (the bottom of the balloon goes through and then it kinda jitters around for a second before you get reset)
  • Capturing the other flag requires you to actually collide with it so the first time I landed on the opposing platform I was just sitting next to it waiting for something to happen… Maybe have a trigger there to collect it or make the platform smaller so the balloon can’t miss it
  • The effect when you’re carrying the flag is really cool

That’s all I got for now but I’ll update this once I get to play with others if I have additional feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Andy! I read your post on the Crayta Discord.

I’ve been playing your game for 20 minutes to see If I can help you with some feedback:

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These are both great feedback! Thank you very much for the kind comments and for the thoughtful and constructive suggestions. This has given me plenty to work with, and I love the ideas of mines and collisions causing damage - or maybe even causing you to lost the flag? So you have to be more careful when you have the flag? Maybe once I’ve made some updates we could all try it together to have a go at the multiplayer mechanic, and see what you think of the balancing…?


Thanks so much for the feedback, and for finding this bug! The video is super helpful!

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