Base Automation Package

Stadia/EGS Name: robinryf#5572
Contributors: Only me
Package Name: Base Automation
Package Description: Helps you manage and automate your base. Easily configure custom orders/scenes/routines that control your base. Activate all defenses or switch off the lights. A charming UI and extendable components make it easy to use.
Share link: Crayta

Installation instructions

  • Place the “BaseAutomation Hub” template in the level via the editor.
  • Optional: Modify the mesh to fit your base to be super awesome
  • Place as many “BaseAutomation Order” templates in the level via the editor. On each Order you can fill in the “ExecuteOrder” event handlers to give the order purpose. (e.g. Hook up all lights to switch off )
  • Start the game and walk up to the placed hub template. Interact with the hub and you can now select an order that should execute