Basic features missing in Crayta - Unity/Web dev feedback

Some seemingly basic stuff is still missing:

  1. Disabling object/entity (with it’s entire sub-tree) like in Unity (top-left checkbox on the screenshot)
    Super-common use-case: temporarily disable things that
  • I am not sure I want to include
  • take time to play-through and slow-down playtesting
  • are decorations which are fine for end-game, but not convenient for development
    Another use-case:
  • Pre-place objects at necessary position but disable some of them and re-enable them via script as the game progresses (instead of placing around Locators and then trying to match which template is supposed to spawn at position of which locator)
  1. Disabling scripts/components (its lifecycle methods like OnTick are not executed) like (checkbox to the left of “Player Movement” on the screenshot)

  2. “Scene” view
    The ability to side-by-side see “Game” view (from the end-player perspective) and “Scene” view (freely fly around with WASDQE)
    Photo mode somewhat helps, but it’s not side-by-side.

  3. Ideally, there should be an option to not maximize the game while testing and continue using all available UI, like adding voxels, placing template and adjusting parameters in the Entity-Editor

  4. No scaling

  5. QE key-navigation should move perpendicular to WASD instead of fixed-Z-axis
    Otherwise, with top-down view, it becomes hard to fly back and forth.
    It actually already works like this in Photo-mode, but not in Edit-mode.

  6. Lua is a huge downgrade compared to, say, TypeScript or C#,
    although I understand probably not much can be done about it at this point

  7. Apparently, there is no proper code-sharing possible in Crayta (Lua “require” doesn’t work)
    That is a huge missing functionality, especially when making bigger games.
    I had to copy-paste some common code like “create2dArray” in various files, because there is no option to share it without resorting to some Entity-based wizardry.

  8. Editing in a separate editor (e.g. VS Code) would be nicer and should also free up some time of Crayta’s team to work on other stuff

  9. Resizable windowed mode
    Coding requires a decent amount of switching back-and-forth between windows to google stuff or to just follow tutorials or to the code editor (in case #9 is implemented), so having the ability to not have Crayta editor fullscreen and have it maximized or docked to the left/right half of the screen (as standard built-in Windows functionality) would be very useful


Thanks for the detaled feedback, it’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

  • Points 1 through 6, and 10 are all great suggestions that I’ll get onto the backlog for review thanks
  • Point 7. When we evaluated scripting languages, the reason for going with Lua were mainly a) its performant footprint, b) the relative ease to make it secure, and c) it’s common use in other games.
  • Point 8. Noted, thanks.
  • Point 9. The main issue here is that Crayta is on Stadia as well as PC-native, so we always need to ensure that there’s an in-game editor interface for scripting. Supprting PC-only external editors is possible, but would have to be prioritised.

Definitely need the ability to disable individual scripts on entities, and individual entities in the world tree.

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