Basic mode with controller - asset library - unable to scroll voxels list

press Y to open asset library:

  • the voxels list does not scroll
  • other assets libraries scroll without issue

Can you not navigate the voxel library at all, or is it just scrolling down the page?

and what controller are you using?

tried on chromecast ultra and laptop. i have a separate google controller on each.

can navigate the voxels listed with L up and down.

cannot scroll past top items or items below the last on page.

the controller scrolling does not work with the voxel list. the other assets, meshes etc., the controller can scroll through all the items without issue.

I can’t see it at all, all the lists scroll for me on controller? Or do you mean looping round from bottom > top?

Ah okay I’ve found it, seems to be due to the use of list view rather than grid view which can be scrolled! This is due to the fact that you’ve changed the library settings in advanced and then gone back to basic, meaning you’ve accessed a “keyboard only” area but then got there with controller. Good find, and we’ll get a fix for it asap!

(To resolve for now, go back to advanced and change back to Grid view and that should be scroll-able with controller.)

thanks for the feedback. just exploring - breaking stuff to learn.

It’s very helpful! Keep breaking stuff and we’ll keep fixing it :stuck_out_tongue:

here is a video on youtube. i took down the google drive one.