Battle Park

Battle Park

I got the idea for this game after watching how everyone that plays Crayta Paintball Park wants to shoot each other (in that game you have paintball guns for shooting targets, but you can’t damage each other)

So I thought what if I made a darker version of the park, set many years in the future after the Park has been shutdown. (Think of like the light and dark world in a Zelda game, or like a Mad Max scenario) With the biggest difference being that you’re able to shoot each other to add the physiological edge to it. So do you want to help out other players and work as a team, or do you want to be the person that kills someone just as they’re about to get their best time on a race? For anyone that thought Crayta Paintball Park was too bright and cheery, this game is for you.

You start off with just a simple crossbow but you can save up coins to increase your armoury. Complete the daily challenges, compete in the races, avoid the traps and collect coins to buy powerful weapons. Pistols, Snipers and Rifles are the most powerful weapons in the game. You can also buy axes to chop trees and damage rocks to earn more money.

The added twist of this game, is that if 6 or more people are in a game, then the battle starts. Neon lines mark the edge of your space in your current map (6 maps) and it then becomes a team based elimination game. The winning team each get awarded 25 coins, the losers get a 5 coins and a speed boost for the next round. When you die in a round, you’ll respawn on the outside of the level and you can collect the coins level up your weapons whilst you wait.


Playing to the strengths of Crayta, lots to do for a solo player, once a second player joins then the whole dynamic changes. Friend or foe? And on special rare occasions where 6 players are playing (I’m thinking Feedback Fridays, Crayta streams) then it shifts into a proper multiplayer shooting game. The people that spend the most time in game are rewarded with better weapons. A great game to play everyday to get your XP for the Battlepass.

Adapted from a world that I’ve been fine tuning for over 13 months (Crayta Paintball Park), I’ve tried to create a bit of history between the 2 games with this. Everything has been moved and changed for a reason. If you want to travel between the 2 games easily I’ve added a portal.

Two maps can be won by reaching a certain place on the stage, so on one map you can get to the top of the lighthouse, the other is the top of the tower.

Not only can you damage other players, the whole world is also destroyable, this helps with the whole look and feel of the level as it becomes more decayed as the session goes on (I love me a good destructible environment.

Using Varuns Turret package in this game allows players to be more stealthy without putting themselves at risk. The danger of this is you can’t see who’s sneaking up behind whilst you’re at the controls.

Used Czinczar’s Deadly Contraptions package to add lots of traps to the game, I may add more in the future.

Want to take a quick break from all the chaos? There’s a safe zone with a nice seat by the entrance. Whilst inside this area no-one can harm you. This is a good place to go into Photo mode and have a good look at the action.

To give players more control over the game I’ve used the Crayta Radio package, the game will start with a more relaxed music but switch to a more dramatic one once the round starts. This can easily be changed by the player at any time.

Continuing from Disaster Simulator, I like giving eliminated players something to do. When you die in this game you can still explore the world and collect coins.

Big thank yous:
Varun for help with getting currency working for the rounds, also for his help getting the kills for currency working. Also for help setting up the cover image.

Wes for adjusting Crayta Radio for my use case of auto starting for the lobby and round.

Slater for letting me grab the safe zone logic from Scavengers.

Cereal for building the logic for allowing players to respawn in the world after dying.

SinJin for help with damaging voxels only during the round and not the lobby in the maze (To stop people cheating on the race). Also SinJin cracked the issue with having 2 sets of timers in the game.

Drycoast for updating his Emissions package for me.

For everyone else’s package I’ve used in this game (far too many to name).

As always any feedback is always welcome, I’ll be swapping and changing things up over time.

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