Battle pass "tracks"

This is more an idea than a suggestion.

A new player in the discord asked if there was going to be a way to buy the Alien Conspiracy battle pass even though it ended.

I have an idea for a way to bring back old battle passes.

Right now, you can buy a battle pass which is mapped to a specific reward track. So you buy the Mechanic Revolution battle pass, you get the Mechanic Revolution reward track.

I want to propose that instead a Battle Pass gives you access to the reward tracks in general, and then the player selects which reward track they want to activate. Then any XP they earn by completing challenges and activities go to that reward track.

For example, a player could buy a battle pass right now. When they log in, they’re presented with a screen with a list of the reward tracks, including the rewards that are in them. They can then choose to activate either Alien Conspiracy or Mechanical Revolution.

I’m imagining in a year, a player would login and see the past 10 battle passes, with their reward tracks. They would see something they like in an old track and buy a battle pass specifically for that track, even if they didn’t like the “current” reward track.

I think there’s a lot of room to riff off of that. Rotating subsets of reward tracks available, maybe the current reward track is the only one that rewards rested XP. Stuff like that.

Anyway, just an idea I wanted to throw out there.