Best way to create a game with multiple maps

Right now there are 2 options to implement this:

  1. Create the different maps in the same world.
  2. Create a new world per map.

Option 2 creates some issues, as there’s no guarantee that all the players will end in the same world instance as Ed C said on the official discord.

But option 1, to ensure all players can keep playing and no weird issues (as 1 player ending alone in a world instance) happen, may have an impact as how long it takes the editor to load everything, or ending up with something like this:

So… I know that for bigger maps the best option would be number 2. But I don’t really like the different world instances issue. As that could be a nuisance for players and make them leave the game and affect the overall game experience.

Any help on how to implement this would be appreciated.
Thank you

Running into the same issue on Speed Run, having over 10 stages significantly drops the framerate and have split the game in two parts (stage 1-10, stage 11-14). Which at this point is unsatisfactory as when playing in a group with different regions (NA/EU), the players will be placed in an instance on their own server once teleporting to a different world.

I haven’t tried this yet but got the suggestion the other day that running certain parts on client side and make them appear/disappear at certain points when hitting a checkpoint might do the trick. Not a coder so I will see how I go about this but might be the right direction to have a bigger map.