Better Chat Widget

This package provides your game with a replacement of the Crayta standard chat output.
Other than with the Crayta standard chat you can add to the chat content by sending OnChatMessage events to the users.

This package works well with the Keyboard-Controller package to allow users free chat input
in addition to the quick chat input.

How to use:

  • Add the userBetterChat template to the User template

  • If you have the Notifications package installed, comment out these three lines of notificationScript
    –function NotificationScript:OnChatMessage(user, message)
    – self:AddNotification(Text.Format("{1}: {2}", user:GetUsername(), message))
    Otherwise the chat messages appear twice, in the betterChatWidget and the notificationsWidget

  • Start the game and enjoy

Best to use together with (but not required) the following packages:

  • Controller-Keyboard - to manually enter chat messages


Please send questions, feedback, feature requests using Crayta Discord @Daystiny or chat with me on Stadia: Daystiny#1423