Beyond The End (Game guide)

This is the game guide of Beyond The End. We tried to make it as intuitive as we can but here is some detailed info to not miss anything in the game.

What is the game?
It is a mix between tycoon, 1st person shooter and adventure game.

After a big apocalypse, part of the humankin has survived. The global warming was the first step and the robotic android AI was the last. Land is radiactive now, water is toxic and delve into underground is almost a suicide. But not everything is lost. It is time to rebuild and shape the future again.

Your own area
This is your personal shelter. You can improve it, repair old machines and unlock some features.

Every improvement requires and consumes a particular amount of materials, but it will be permanently upgraded.

-Debris: Clean debris and rumble around. Some of them are only aestetic, other debris can unlock access to new areas inside your shelter.

-Repair old processing machines: More info below.

-Stash: Unlock different stash tiers with multiple chest to keep your things.

-Arch: This is a decoration improvement, not functional. You can improve the entrance to your zone and show off with it.

-Trapdoor: Unlocking this will give you access to the basement, with more features.

Getting materials is an important part of the game. You can get it tradding, shredding some items or with “breakable” stuff outside the main base. Can be rocks, old metal stuff, pallets, furniture… Hit it with a melee weapon and collect materials to improve your shelter.

The machines
Unlocking and repairing machines is really mandatory in this game. With this you can process low tier materials into new ones.

-Wood processor (turn wood scraps into planks)

-Stone processor (turn stone scraps into stone blocks)

-Metal processor (turn metal scraps into metal ingots)

-Water processor (turn toxic water into potable water)

-Combustible processor (turn oil into fuel)

The shredder
If you get some items in your adventures and you are not planning to use it or are not sellable, you can shred it to get some basic materials with it. And also it will give you some points for the leaderboard.

You have to select the item you want to shred.

The dungeons
This is another important piece of the game. You can delve into dungeons, ruins, etc to get materials and items. The real adventure is there, but beware with the toxicity and the androids.

Use the pipes to go to a random piece of dungeon and get all you can have there! We recommend you to wear some cables to hack secure doors, and some bullets.

Actually there is only 2 random locations inside 1 dungeon (The sewage plant). More after the jam!


Turrets: Static enemies designed by the AI. Be careful with that.

Android B1: Designed for the AI to kill survivors. Melee infantary, not very clever but dangerous!

There is something more deadly than the AI robots, the toxicity. This will appear when you explore particular zones underground. If the Toxicity bar reaches 0, you are dead. You can try to find ventilation areas to recover, or go back to the safety using the pipes.


There is a quest system inside the game. Actually there is 2 quest only, 1 repeatable and 1 not (more will come). This is really profitable so you should do it.

You can hide/show the quest interface pressing Q button (on PC).

Buy, barter materials, sell items… There is actually 2 shops.

Bucks, The Barter
You can exchange basic materials for other ones and buy some useful tools, but be careful… he is a bit scammer…

There is also a hidden secret shop but shhhh…

UTooG the Gunman
This guy will sell you melee and ranged weapons and also bullets for it. Bullets are limited and consumable, so it is interesting to carry some in your adventures.


There is 2 leaderboards: Shredded items and… Shape the future Contributors.

The first one will give you points when you shred an item in the machine.

The second one is only for heroes. If you donate your processed materials will give you points. Only true altruist people will appear here.

Easter eggs and game lore
Many lore and easter eggs have been put into the game. Names, texts and much more. Are you able to identify it? :smiley:

-More dungeons and exploration system. New random places, more laberintic. We plan to focus on this on nexts updates.
-More processing/collecting machines.
-A bigger unlockable basement.
-New enemies and dangers.
-Advanced crafting system.
-Weapons and items.
-And MORE!

Stay close to this game, it will be HUGE.