Big squares disappearing

Here it goes a bug report. It happens sometimes in different places while testing the game and a few times on creator mode. Tested too in Stadia or Epic. It’s like if a big square disappears.

It is supposed to be a full castle wall there

Sometimes it happens on editor also, but if i reaload, it fixes

Hi Vicentek,

Thank you for the bug report.
I’m sorry to see you are having issues with voxels failing to load but I would be happy to submit a ticket for you!

Could you provide us with the name of the game the voxels fail to load in and any steps that may help us in reproducing the issue?

I have started to remove the shadow from the lights and the performance has improved by 11.4 Ms peak in GPU
Note for the future … do not shade all lights, The problem, although it continues to happen, has become anecdotal,
this happens more in the separate test server, more than in the creator or in the f5 test. but I start to think that it is my problem for recharging the map too much and making it so big

Sorry for taking so long to answer

Thank you for getting back to us,

I have added this information to the report and will continue looking into the issue for you!

The game’s name is " RUINS OF MAHOORA -EARLY ACCESS V08B" and owned by Tumbak7.

But as vicentek mentioned, it didn’t happen again for a while now.

Thank you for the additional information.
I’ve added the provided info to the bug - we are still looking into this issue.