Blocky The Block

Play as Blocky The Block who is being chased by ghosts! Collect as many diamonds as you can by the end of the match.

There are still a few bugs left. Work in progress.

Blocky The Block - Major Update

  • There are now 3 levels! For each level there is a leaderboard - get to the end and be one of the best!
  • Level 3 could still be too difficult - please try and test! :slight_smile:
  • The speed and difficulty increases with each level!
  • New traps make it difficult for Blocky. Large presses or dangerous saws are part of it
  • Fixed a number of bugs

Note: unfortunately it happens every now and then that Blocky spawns wrong and he is unable to pick up diamonds or “get killed” correctly. I’m working on a fix for that.

Blocky The Block - Update 3

  • Increased speed in Level 1
  • The bug that caused the player to spawn incorrectly (and not pick up diamonds or collide with Ghosts) should be fixed this time
  • Adjustments to the positioning of the diamonds for better accessibility
  • Platforms have been adjusted so that the player can reach them more easily