Boxel World: Farming

Hey All!
Boxel World: Farming has officially been released!

You and 9 other friends can explore Boxel World, collecting Loot such as Food, Seeds, and Equipment.
You can also Chop down Trees and take that Wood to Upgrade your Farm, by getting more **Plots, Better Farm Houses, Bigger Chests, and more!
** At your Farm Plant your Seeds to grow many Crops of all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors!

This is a fun game to play with others, but it can also be enjoyed Solo . So no need to try to get friends together, you can tend to your Farm, by yourself.

I have lots more planned, A bigger world, more resources, more crops, upgrades, equipment, more, more, MOAR!!! I hope you all enjoy Boxel World!

Please let me know your thoughts!!! And please let me know if you found any bugs.


Boxel World: Farming 2.0 update launched!
This is a huge update! I am very excited to get it launched. Below I list most of the big changes, there was lots of little things too like a sell all button added to shops.

-Much bigger game world to explore
-A 10 checkpoint endurance race
-Leaderboards for Most Money Earned, and Most Wood Chopped (As well as leaderboard for the Race)
-New UI systems to give players more info
-Loot rarity system (Starting from most common going to most rare: grey, green, blue, purple, and orange)
-New Farm House to upgrade to (4 levels total)
-New Chests upgrades (5 levels total)
-New kinds of trees to chop
-New hidden world lore to find
-and loads and loads of bug fixes

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