Broken Meshes

Broken/Dirty/Weathered Meshes

I would like to make a formal request for broken meshes to allow for a warzone/apocalyptic style world, the art work is amazing but i always feel alot come across as very clean looking and with the inability to change the textures, it becomes difficult to create a, apocalyptic/warzone world.

Some examples could be…

  • Broken windows
  • Benches snapped in half
  • Damaged Doors
  • Graffiti train carriages
  • Ripped fabric on western wagon
  • Damaged pipes and vents
  • Broken car windows, doors and body

I feel adding damaged/broken/weathered meshes would add to a more coherent feel to worlds and would also open the possibilty of damaged states allowing for destruction type games

Thanks for yout time

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