Bug in achievements

Play 100 games and Play 100 Featured Games are stucked at 52% :pensive:

Hey. Could you confirm your Stadia account name here and I’ll have someone take a look into this for you.






Some more info: two days ago I played with a friend and we discoverd that the achievement “Grouping Up - Gold Play 100 games with a group” had also the same issue and in his account the progress bar are also stucked at 52%

Thanks fot all!

Hey thank you for the extra information. It’s with the team now and they’re investigating :male_detective:

I’ll update here once I hear back from them with any information

Hey, I am sorry to post again in that old threat.
It seems like, that the bug is back with another update or patch.
Could you please have another look?
Thank you very much in advane.

Hey there @shulk !

Thanks for flagging this back at us! Sorry to see this issue re-occurring!

We believe a fix on our next update should resolve this issue. Please let us know if it persists so we can re-open the ticket :slight_smile:

Hi @QA_Kathel ,
thank you for the update.
I checked the patch notes. Unfortunately, the achievements are still not working.

  • Grouping Up -Gold (stuck at 52%)
  • Veriety Player - Gold (stuck at 52%)

thank you and best,

Hey there @shulk !

I would need your Crayta User name and possibly some logs so we can further investigate this issue.

I have opened a new Ticket with your current information :slight_smile: but we would still need more information.
When you do add this information, we will update the ticket :slight_smile:

Just let us know the date and time when you do submit the logs :slight_smile:

Hi @QA_Kathel ,
thank you for reaching out.
Additional information:
Stadia User name: Krulk
Time I logged again to try it: 03/08/2022 CET 22:45 (10:45PM).

Capture: https://stadia.google.com/capture/7ec34a1f-29a3-43b7-b2ee-6cb078c49056

There you can see I invite someone. (Joined group on the bottem right corner) and then start a game.

Grouping Up-Gold is still at 52% = 52 games played in a group.

If you need more logs, please let me know.


Hey there @shulk !

I have added that information to the opened ticket~! :slight_smile: If we need additional information we shall reach out :slight_smile: